Create SQL 2005 pivot table

[Name] varchar(10),
[Month] varchar(10),
amount float

Insert into #finaltable values (‘Ray’,’Jan’,1)
Insert into #finaltable values (‘Ray’,’Feb’,2)
Insert into #finaltable values (‘Ray’,’Mar’,3)

Insert into #finaltable values (‘Eimaer’,’Jan’,5)
Insert into #finaltable values (‘Eimaer’,’Feb’,6)
Insert into #finaltable values (‘Eimaer’,’Mar’,7)

isnull(sum([Jan]),0) as ‘Jan’,
isnull(sum([Feb]),0) as ‘Feb’,
isnull(sum([Mar]),0) as ‘MAr’
from #FinalTable
SUM( amount)
FOR [Month] IN


group by [Name]

drop table #FinalTable



The 2007 Office System Starter Kit: Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit (ECMsk) has in it some Visual Studio project templates to get you started with using SharePoint and Workflow together. However, it’s in beta so it’s not perfect…

The first issue isn’t that bad, it adds a reference to Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Tasks – which isn’t installed with WSSv3 – even with Office 2007 Pro and InfoPath 2007 installed. It means removing the reference and the using line ‘using Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Utility’ in the workflow1.cs file. Not that big a deal all things considered.

Where is my PostBuildActions.Bat file GRRR

This is from Scott Guthrie:

Microsoft called me at work and confirmed that, out of the box, VS 2008’s new Build/Deploy option will not support deployment of InfoPath workflow forms (intialization, association, task, modfication) required by a SharePoint workflow project. VS 2005, via add-ons created by Microsoft, supported deployment of those forms, as long as they were published to the DeploymentFiles\FeatureFiles subdirectory. To bring VS 2008 to the same level of support as VS 2005 provides, I was told that I would have to (1) manually create the same directory structure as VS 2005 uses, immediately after creating the new Project of type SharePoint workflow, (2) move workflow.xml and feature.xml from where they were originally created to the DeploymentFiles\FeatureFiles subdirectory, (3) borrow a copy of PostBuildActions.bat from an older VS 2005 project and make extensive (but unspecified) changes to it comment/remove lines that duplicate the functionality of the Build/Deploy menu item.

Developers will have to decide for themselves if the gains outweigh the losses when it comes to using VS 2008 for creating SharePoint workflow projects. I have sent Microsoft a revised edition of my analysis of this situation.

Until and unless enough developers demand that VS 2008 provide at least as much support for SharePoint workflow development that includes InfoPath task forms as VS 2005 provides, there is no way to tell when VS 2008 will be the equal of VS 2005 in this particular area.

Deactivate and delete a workflow feature from Sharepoint

You must deactivate the feature first. You can do this with the following line or click deactivate in the browser.

Use command line.

You may need to navigate here first:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN

stsadm -o deactivatefeature -filename RollOffDiceWF\feature.xml -url http://my2003server
stsadm -o uninstallfeature -filename RollOffDiceWF\feature.xml

You can uninstall from the GAC as follows:

Navigate to:

I just right clicked “uninstall” as the comment line way would not work

Also navigate to here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES
Delete the folder that relates to the project you want to read