Toolbox drag fails in VS 2008

When creating a new custom activity in VS 2008 and dragging this new activity from the toolbox it fails and says it’s removing it from the toolbox.

What you need to do is shut VS 2008, uninstall the .dll from the GAC, restart VS 2008, rebuild project to put the .dll back into the GAC and you should now be able the drag your new custom activity from the toolbox.

Thanks for wasting my time MS!



Free Download: Sticky Notes tool for Visual Studio 2008

This is an interesting little utility! Imagine being able to attach notes to code to remind you of “issues” or things that you need to remember about that piece of code. In the past, I would have put those messages into comment blocks within the code, but honestly those notes get lost in the mix with my regular code-comments. So, although this will be one of those tools that you might install and forget to use it, you might find it useful and the cost is reasonable: FREE.

Get it here