Building .Net 4.5 Projects with Jenkins

I wont write much here but just wanted to say thanks to Rik Leigh for posting this.

It helped me out. My build was spitting out 100s of warnings and now it is fixed.



Stop resharper adding a dll reference from a randon project and make it update from Nuget


We have been having issues where a developer (ME) uses Resharper to add a reference. The issue is, it doesnt look at nuget and update your packages file it just adds the nearest dll it can find (from a neighbouring project).

This is not good.

Anyway, I just found and installed this plugin from Resharper:

Here is a good post on it:

You just download the zip file:
(make sure you check for the latest verion on the site above (1))

Then you just run the batch file that matches your version:

Then when you add a reference:

It updates from nuget:

This is awesome!