Using Azure Powershell to attach to your azure subscription and create a new website


As I haven’t posted for a while I wanted to just quickly post my findings on using Azure Powershell.

My aim here using only powershell is to:

  • Connect to my Azure subscription
  • Create a website in azure
  • Stop the website
  • Remove the website

Ok here goes.

Firstly you will need to install Azure Powershell so go here and work it out:

Then fire it up. It should look like this and you can find it in your windows start menu.

then we need to tell powershell about our azure subscription:

We just type Add-AzureAccount and you will be prompted to log into Azure.
Look here for info on this command:

After that you will see some confirmation that it fould your azure account:

You may need to change the execution policy for you to do things from your local Azure:

So here is my Azure website list before I add a new site:

So next I run New-AzureWebsite -Name MyPowerShellTest:

You can see it looks like it did something and returned info about my new site. If you look in Azure you can see the new site:


Ok so for fun, lets stop the site:

So it worked.

Now ill delete the website completely using:
Remove-AzureWebsite -Name MyPowerShellTest

And it’s gone:

Well, you will have to trust me as I cant show you nothing!


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