How to auto-heal your web app so you hopefully get your weekends back


This document outlines how to set up auto-healing for your web app. At times you may be enjoying your weekend and get a call telling you an app is constantly running at 100% CPU. 
Autoheal is a way to automatically recycle your app pool based on certain triggers.
I have created a POC web app with 3 instance VMs.I have turned on all diagnostic logs and set them to verbose. 
Here is the Event Log before enabling auto-heal in the web.config (there were more records but I removed them as they were all similar):

And here is the new web.config. This will recycle the app pool when we get 20 or more requests in a period of 30 seconds:

So, once this is deployed, I will call the end point 100 times in less than 30 seconds which should cause the trigger to run its action – Recycle
Here is the calling Powershell code (this just simulates a client):

$URL = ‘’;

$contentType = “application/json”;


    $i -le 100


    Write-Host ‘I is: ‘ + $i;

   $response = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $URL -Headers $headers -ContentType $contentType;



After I ran 100 requests in less than 30 seconds you can see in the event log that the instance RD0003FF857039 recycled:

When I really loaded it up, all 3 instance auto-healed:


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